Tips for a Successful Visit

We're delighted that you're interested in our program! Here are a few tips to help you, as a parent or caregiver, as well as your child, to have a great experience at your demo class:


  • Please make sure your child is not hungry and is well-hydrated before the class. You are welcome to nurse or bring a sippy cup of water (no juice or milk please!) into class. We require that snacks be saved for after class outside of our classroom.
  • Please do not bring toys or stuffed animals into the classroom with your child. Otherwise, these things can create a distraction in class.


  • Plan to arrive 10 minutes early so that both you and your child are relaxed and able to ease into the experience. Transitions are very important to children and often take time.


  • Pay more attention to your own experience at the demo than your child's in gauging whether you'd like to enroll. There is a lot going on for a little one in this 'snapshot' experience and they may not 'show' you what they're getting. They may watch rather than actively do, they may wander around outside the circle, they may cling to you. These are all not only normal but developmentally appropriate behaviors in a young child. The Music Together® curriculum is based on a 3 year model (ongoing, cumulative) so it is unrealistic to gauge the value of the program by what you see from your child in the brief experience of the demo. As a child grows with the program, they become more and more comfortable actively participating in class as well as at home with you.


  • In order to create a respectful, supportive learning environment, we ask that parents participate musically as much as possible, and that you resist the urge to talk to other parents until after class. Additionally we ask that all cell phones be silenced and put away during class.


  • The Music Together experience is as much for parents as for children. The more you know, the more they grow! Feel free to stay after class to ask any questions. You are also free to email or call me anytime.


  • Before you attend your demo, you may enjoy exploring the National Website for Music Together: The site includes parent interviews, audio and video clips of classes, research articles, and more.