These are some of the questions we're asked most often. You might find the answer you're looking for here!

How long are classes?
Classes are 45 minutes long in person and on Zoom. Facebook Live experiences are 25 - 30 minutes long.

How long is a session?  
Usually, the fall, winter and spring sessions are 10 weeks long. Occasionally, we’ll run an 8 week session during those terms if we need to for scheduling reasons. In the summer, the session is 6 weeks long.

How much does it cost?
For a 10 week session, tuition is $180 for the first child in a returning family, $195 for the first child in a new family. In both cases, registered siblings 8 months and older are $130 each; infants younger than 8 months attend for free with a registered sibling. In an 8 week session, the cost is $155 for the first child in a returning family; $165 in a new family. Siblings 8 months and over are $100 each; siblings younger than 8 months are free. The sibling discount only applies to siblings in the same class type, i.e., mixed ages, big kids, or babies. For the 8 week session on Zoom or Facebook, the cost is $155 per family.

Can I visit a class before I sign up?
Definitely. Use the demo scheduler tab to schedule a visit on Zoom. Due to covid restrictions, we are not allowing in person visits to classes. We occasionally run free demonstration classes, which are listed on the home page of our website under “what’s new.” 

Where are you located?
We have several locations – Shadyside, Wexford, Zoom, and Facebook are our current locations.

If I have to miss a class, can I make it up?
We allow unlimited makeup classes each session, as space allows, which are scheduled by using the makeup scheduler tab on the homepage of our website. Missed classes must be made up in the session in which they occur. Due to covid restrictions, makeup classes will be only offered on Zoom.

My child is 20 months old. Which class should I register for?
We have three types of classes: Babies classes, for infants younger than 8 months at the start of the session, Mixed age classes for infants through kindergarten, and Big Kids classes for children 5 through second grade.

Can we bring visitors?
No. Due to covid restrictions, we are not allowing any visitors in our online classes. We have, however, had grandparents join us successfully in our Zoom classes. 

How many children in a class?
There are 6 to 10 children in a class.

Do I have to be a good singer to help my child?
Absolutely not! It’s just important that you participate and have a great time in class. Your child is depending on you to lead the way, so just jump in with us and participate to the extent you’re able. You’ll probably notice that your musical skills will improve along the way. We welcome everyone, regardless of their musical achievement.

What instruments will my child learn to play?
In each class, we’ll use a wide range of instruments and props, like scarves, and every class has a really fun playalong with rhythm instruments. Your child will watch what the adults are doing and will experiment with the instruments that we’ll use, but there is no formal instruction involved. As a developmentally appropriate program, we emphasize learning through play and providing experiences that support learning. Formal instrument instruction is appropriate at a later age, usually around 6 or 7, when a child has achieved basic music competence.

I take care of someone else’s child during the day. Can I register that child and my own as siblings?
No, only children who are living in the same household receive the sibling discount.