Class Policies

Welcome to First Notes! In order for everyone to have the best possible experience in class, there are a few
things that we'd like you to take note of before beginning Music Together® classes.

  • Please make every effort to arrive on time. Young children need and enjoy ritual behaviors, so it's very important for them to be here for the Hello song. This is a way for everyone to settle in and get comfortable with the classroom surroundings. If you do arrive after class starts, please enter quietly and participate as soon as you are able.
  • Children must be with an adult at all times. The teacher cannot be responsible for your child - please do not ask the teacher to watch your child while you go to the restroom or attend to another child. You are solely responsible for your child.
  • There are very few hard and fast rules for the children in a Music Together class. The two that we do have, however, are for safety reasons. We will ask that children do not run in class. If you have a very active child, try getting up and moving with him/her in order to engage in a musical behavior. If that doesn't work to modify the running impulse, you may need to step outside for a minute, then return to the class. Feel free to speak to the teacher about other solutions if this becomes a problem. The other rule for children is that, when we use rhythm sticks, they need to sit. If a child wants to move during a stick tune, it's OK, as long as you keep their sticks; again, for safety.
  • Diaper changing in the restrooms only. Since we share so many props and instruments, we don't want to share gastroenteritis or e.coli bacteria as well. Please be certain to wash your hands and your child's hands after diapering.
  • Enjoy your snacks and drinks outside of the classroom area. This includes the time before and after class. We have children in our program who have serious food allergies and don't want to endanger them. Additionally, our rental agreements stipulate that there is no food in the rooms that we use. Nursing and bottles for young infants and sippy cups with water are OK, but please, nothing more extensive than that.
  • For the adults, please resist the urge to talk during class. While we want you to enjoy the other families in the class, we want you to socialize before and after class, not during. Some of the most profound musical connections for children happen between the songs; the time that the grownups tend to think of as dead time. Your child needs that quiet space to process what he/she just heard. Be respectful of that process and take time to appreciate your child's development. Communicate with your child during class by singing or modeling the desired behavior; eye contact and gestures can be powerful communication tools. Also keep in mind that your child will be learning important attitudes from you; so think about what you want him/her to learn!
  • Please put cell phones away when you enter the classroom - your child needs you to be fully present.
  • Our classes are weapon free zones.
  • Photography and videoing is PROHIBITED in class.
  • If you need to miss class, please use the makeup scheduler to schedule your two makeup classes per session. Classes can be made up at any time during the current session - makeup classes do not carry over into a new session.
  • Feel free to bring a friend to sample a class.Just use the demo scheduler 48 hours in advance to be sure that there is space in that class.the entire day. In the event of a delay, First Notes will meet according to th

Have a wonderful time making Music Together! If you have any questions about your child's musical development, what we do in class, or why we do it that way, feel free to ask, or email me at Email is the best way to connect, but if that's not an option, call at 412.860.9254.