Summer registration is open!
All registrations are taken in the order they are received.

New Songbook this Summer!
The Summer 2019 session starts Thursday, June 27 and features the Banjo Collection.
Registration is open through July 15. Unlimited makeups!


What We Believe 

  • All children are musical.
  • All children can achieve basic music competence - they can learn to move their bodies accurately to the beat and can sing in tune - with enough experience in the early years. 
  • Parents and primary caregivers are essential in the musical growth of children, regardless of the musical achievements of the adults.
  • Children learn best in a playful, developmentally appropriate setting, without performance expectations.
  • Music is a fun, meaningful, and essential life skill.     

What This Looks Like in Class 

  • Classes meet once a week (10 week sessions, except for the 6 week summer session) for 45 minutes a class, with 6 to 12 children and their parents/caregivers.
  • Everybody sings! 
  • Everybody dances! 
  • Everybody plays! 
  • Every registered family receives a songbook, CD, and a code to access downloadable content. There are nine song collections that rotate over three years, and three summer collections.
  • FUN!!!
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